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Breathe - Rickson Gracie

“Money Can’t Buy The Most Important Things In Life”

Hello folks! 👋 one of the great non-mainstream reads is Rickson Gracie's Breath. 📱 It's something more fundamental, more personal. Expression of fighting legend Rickson Gracie, has turned my usual tech-filled world upside down in a beautiful way! 🌞 Regarded as one of the greatest 🥇 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners of all time, Rickson surely knows a thing or two about success 🏆.

But his perspective on what really matters in life is more profound than any fighting technique. He believes that the real treasures in life can't be bought with money 💵 or achieved by just success. 🚀 Now, don't get me wrong. It's not about living without money or success. But money can't buy friendship, loyalty, courage, honesty, happiness, or intelligence, right? These are not exclusive to any class, race, or station in life. This equals us all in the most human way possible and hey, that's beautiful! 🥰

Rickson commemorates this powerful sentiment in his book “Breathe: A Life In Flow” 📚. Here, take a peek: Have a look at this awe-striking post by the man himself on

His wisdom doesn't end there. He advises to savor every moment, every interaction, and every opportunity life offers. Savor it, because it will never come again. 🌟 To approach life with curiosity, respect, and love is something we often forget in our bustling daily routine, don't we?

So, let's shift our gear to a more mindful life and remember, dream machines can certainly make our life comfortable but the real richness of life is in the unbeatable human spirit! 💪 Till the next encounter, keep dreaming, keep flourishing, and above all, keep being human! ✌️

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Rickson Gracie: “Money Can’t Buy The Most Important Things In Life”

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