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Mastering the F&B Supply Chain 2024: Expert Insights with Ahmed Eldeeb

Welcome to the appetizing journey through the intricate world of Food & Beverage supply chain management.

The F&B Supply Chain Puzzle: A Recipe for Success

Welcome to the Complex World of F&B

In our latest feature, we had the pleasure of hosting Ahmed Eldeeb, a veteran in the F&B supply chain and commercial industries, on "Give Me The Mic Talks".

Quality and Safety: Ingredients of Choice

We uncover why quality and safety are the prime ingredients in supplier selection and how consumer behavior is reshaping supply chain management.

Consumer Behavior Stirring the Pot

Understanding the palate of consumer demand helps in simmering the perfect balance throughout the supply chain dynamics.

Mastering the Art of Supplier Management

Selection and Evaluation

Learn how to handpick F&B suppliers that align with your brand's promise of quality and safety, without compromising the cost.

Mixing Quality, Safety, and Cost

Delving into Ahmed's strategic approach, find out how to whisk together a harmonious mix of these critical factors.

Adapting to the Ever-changing Menu

The ability to adapt to market changes, such as the COVID-19 crisis, has been pivotal in the resilience of supply chains worldwide.

Lessons Baked In: The COVID-19 Impact

Supply Chain Disruptions

From lockdowns to panic buying, we tackle how businesses navigated the choppy waters of the pandemic.

Inventory and Well-being: Central to Operations

The role of efficient inventory management and the importance of prioritizing staff well-being are brought to the fore.

Safeguarding the Future

A look at how the pandemic has seasoned supply chain professionals to better weather future storms.

Sealing Freshness in Quality Assurance

Audit Trails to Success

Exploring the processes of inspections and certifications that ensure the highest standards of food safety and compliance.

Brand Protection Strategies

Finding out how to shield your brand against the rifts in the supply chain while maintaining customer trust.

Reservations for the Future: Ahmed's Perspective

A sneak peek into what the future holds for the F&B supply chain, through the eyes of Ahmed Eldeeb, and a sign-off with valuable lessons to digest.

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