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OpenAI GPTs won't make you Rich: Building a Complex Custom GPT from Scratch might

Welcome to the OpenAI GPTs Store! Have you ever imagined a world where artificial intelligence could not only simplify but vastly improve your trading experiences? In my latest video, I unveil the mysteries and the craft behind a complex custom GPT application as a pilot and blue print for you to create the GPT that pushes your business to new hights.

OpenAI GPTs Store and Crafting a Custom GPT

From concept to Design: Imagining the Ultimate GPT

The journey begins with a spark, a simple idea - to harness the incredible potential of AI in the volatile dance of metal trading. Picture the initial blueprint: a craft designed with unique functionalities and intelligent foresight, ready to tackle the unpredictable sways of the market.

Overcoming the Challenges: Crafting the Blueprint

But with every vision comes challenge - uncharted territories that test the resolve and refinement of the dream. I delve into the hurdles that shaped this expedition and how the solutions found paved a path to what would become a technological marvel one day MAYBE.

Engineering the Core: The Making of a Trading GPT

Laying Down the Digital Bricks

With meticulous care, we enter the construction phase - every line of prompt, a stitch in the tapestry, each knowledge base, a foundation stone. Follow me through the step-by-step process of creating the GPT application, embracing the teachable moments that each error brings.

Seamless Synthesis: Real-Time Data with APIs

Then, witness the seamless integration of live data feeds. The perfect alchemy between application programming interfaces (API) and the pulsing heart of the market - watch as we capture the real-time essence of metal prices, injecting this vital lifeblood into our creation.

The Power of Automation: Incorporating Zapier

And what of efficiency? Enter Zapier, the maestro of task automation - the symphony of workflows and actions orchestrated to perfection, magnifying the prowess of our digital titan. Not error free! i make a big plead in the video to Zapier to address their AI Actions shortcomings.

The Proof of Prowess: From Testing to Triumph

Rigorous Trial, Resilient Improvement

As with any invention of great ambition, testing is crucial. I chart the process of rigorous trials, exposing flaws and show a journey of thought process to fixing and fine-tuning, issues. Do we succeed eventually? that is for you to see after watching the video below.

Practical Magic: AI in Metal Trading

Behold practical magic in motion - AI transforming industry practices such as creating Requests for Quotations (RFQs), contracts, and even potentially managing invoices. It's a revolution, a demonstration of practical benefits that reverberate through the echelons of business. But the big question are GPTs already good enough for a real business? possibly but not definitely.

Charting New Horizons: Join the Revolution

In conclusion, this video isn't just a showcase - it's an invitation. An invitation to witness the potential, to engage with innovation, to join a community that looks forward. It's a call to arms for those ready to embrace the future of business and AI.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me on this odyssey, and don't forget to subscribe to the @givemethemic22 YouTube channel. Embrace the limitless possibilities with custom AI solutions - let's navigate the future, together!

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