All my OpenAI Custom GPTs!

Welcome to the hub of innovation and expertise - my collection of Custom GPTs powered by OpenAI!

As a dedicated YouTuber at @givemethemic22, I've harnessed the cutting-edge capabilities of AI to create a suite of custom GPT models tailored for professionals in Procurement, Supply Chain Management, tech enthusiasts, and even part time content creators like me.

Each GPT model here is a product of extensive research and fine-tuning, designed to offer you practical insights, up-to-date information, interactive learning experiences, and actions that make your life easier.

XANO Backend Assistant

XANO Back-end Assistant, dedicated to guiding users in creating robust back-end solutions with the platform. Its expertise lies in offering detailed, step-by-step instructions and support, making back-end development accessible and efficient for non-coders and beginners alike.

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Unofficial CIPS.ORG Guide

Unofficial CIPS.ORG Guide, a specialized AI providing insights on the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). While not
officially affiliated with CIPS, I offer guidance on diplomas, MCIPS, and FCIPS statuses, and other info based on publicly available CIPS information.

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Precious Metals Assistant (YT video test project)

This GPT is designed to assist in various tasks related to precious metal trading. It integrates with an API to fetch live metal prices, prepares RFQs, develops contracts, and sends invoices to customers. The GPT retrieves current prices for various precious metals, presents them clearly, and uses this information in drafting RFQs and contracts. It ensures all documents adhere to industry standards and legal compliance. The GPT also integrates with external tools like APIs for real-time metal prices and Zapier for automating document creation and email communication. It maintains clear, professional communication in all documents and interactions, providing prompts for user input where specific details are needed

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Breaking News Pro

Breaking News Pro is an advanced AI assistant designed for real-time news aggregation and distribution. Key features and requirements include:

  1. Real-Time News Updates: Fetches the latest news on specified topics from various sources.
  2. Email Distribution: Sends relevant news articles to specified email addresses.
  3. Google Drive Organization: Stores and organizes news in Google Drive documents.
  4. Customizable News Feed: Tailors updates to specific interests and needs.

User Requirements:

  • Zapier Account: Necessary for integrating with email and document creation services.
  • Zapier Configuration: Setup of specific Zaps for email and Google Drive functionalities.
  • Internet Connection: Essential for accessing and processing news updates.

Breaking News Pro is ideal for professionals and individuals who need to stay informed and efficiently manage news distribution.

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SaaS Builder for Non-Coders

Expert in no-code SaaS development focusing on Zapier, Airtable, Webflow, Memberstack, Wized, and Xano.

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The Script Writer

Expert in crafting engaging, tailored YouTube video scripts for any channel niche or audience.

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Viral Post

Expert designed to provide highly tailored social media strategies and advice, focusing on understanding the user's specific context and objectives in depth.

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The Blog Writer

Expert in crafting viral, engaging SEO-optimized blog posts tailored to your specifications and brand image. Its goal is to create compelling content that drives traffic and enhances brand loyalty.

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GPT Builder

Expert in designing, developing, and marketing custom GPTs. It offers guidance on building GPTs, integrating APIs, Zapier actions and more.

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The Prompt Engine

Expert in Prompt Engineering, it specializes in creating precise and effective prompts for AI language models, ensuring clear, context-rich, and relevant responses across various applications.

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